Barton Mills

A Barton Mills Consultant is someone who:

  1. Treats people with respect: whether you’re a colleague, a CEO or the person cleaning our office – there is no differentiation – we treat people how we want to be treated. We put as much thought into what we say as we put into how we say it.
  2. Loves winning and exceeding expectations: we take it to heart if we fail to achieve.
  3. Is commercial, versatile and collaborative.
  4. Likes to have fun along the way:we can laugh at ourselves and often do.
  5. Sees what we do as more than just a job: we take our roles seriously and there is a high care factor across everything that we do.
  6. Takes pride in their workin the Barton Mills brand and what it represents.
  7. Builds open and honest relationships through communication(good old fashioned communication …..actually talking to people)



Barton Mills was established in 2004, we therefore have a wealth of experience and market knowledge under our belt and to our name. We take pride in the fact that we are the most established rec2rec agency in Australia. All of our consultants have lived and worked in the UK, Asia and Australia. We are all well networked, experience and have all made the move to Australia. We understand what is involved and are more than happy to offer career advice, moral support and the guidance needed to help you make the big move.

We have successfully been relocating candidates since day one, if we commit to working with you and if you work with us exclusively we will make it our priority to find you the right position.

We take pride in the fact that we know our markets inside out and therefore we do not approach the “flick and Stick” method. We promise to keep you “in the loop” throughout the whole process. We listen to what our candidates want and need and will therefore accurately match your requirements.

Barton Mills Recruitment promise to deal with every candidate in the highest professional manner. Our reputation as the leading rec2rec provider in Australia is built on providing a tailored and truly consultative service to candidates.